Klybeckstrasse 243, CH-4057 Basel

Phone: +41 (0)61 631 34 35

mail: info [at] hauert-reichmuth [dot] ch


Curriculum Vitae

Sibylle Hauert sh and Daniel Reichmuth dr, born in Switzerland, live and work in Basel.

Artist and performer in the field of new media installation and research, educational and training background in art, theater and music.

They have worked on self-built electronic systems in connection with developable creative software programs to stage and provoke real movement and sensual perception through electronic installations or performances. Their research involves the area of interface design that they then creatively transfers into spatial settings and installations.

Education & Professional Development

· 2008-2011 Master of Arts, in Fine Arts at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK)

· 2006-2007 Workshops in „physical computing“ at the Concordia University and Videograph on Microcontroller+Linux, Montréal, CA

· 1999-2002 Courses and guest attendance at the Electronic Studio, College of Music in Basel: recording engineering, MAX/MSP, interactive systems and “digital signal processing”. Autodidactical training and experience in electronics, sensor technology

· 1997-2000 Actor and performer with KLARA Theaterproductions dr

· 1994-1999 Member of the music and performance group “Les Reines Prochaines sh

· 1991-1999 Acting in independent theater and circus projects in europe and america

· 1986-1989 Education and training in theatre at the Academy “Scuola Teatro Dimitri”, Physical Theatre and Theater Creation (CH)

· 1981-1985 Education and training in electric engineering dr


Research FHNW, 2012-2013, Human-Machine Communication, Large Scale Indoor Tracking

Lectures & Workshops

Since 2004 teaching and giving workshops in the sense of our work. Electronic (sensor) environments, microcontroller technology, interaction design. Interactive performances or installations

· University for Music Basel, Electronic Studio, guest tutor “physical computing”, 2010-11

· University of Art and Design Basel, FHNW, Institut Hyperwerk, Workshop, 2009

· University for Music Basel, Electronic Studio, guest tutor “physical computing”, 2007-08

· University of Art and Design Basel, HGK Basel, workshop, 2005

· University of Art and Design Basel, HGK Basel, workshop, 2005

· University of Music Basel, Elektronisches Studio, workshop “microcontroller“, 2004


2020 iaab, artist in residence, Hangzhou, (CN) grant

2014 iaab, artist in residence, Beijing, (CN) grant

2010 sitemapping, swiss goverment for art and culture (BAK), grant V.O.C.A.L (CH)

2008 Kunstkredit Basel, winner of the competition for „digital art“ , grant V.O.C.A.L. (CH)

2008 Kunstkredit Basel, winner of the competition art in public space, ZID Basel, (CH)

2006 iaab, artist in residence, Montréal,QC,Canada, grant (CH)

2005 sitemapping, swiss goverment for art and culture (BAK), grant TRiCKSTR (CH)

2004 Kunstkredit Basel, winner of the competition for „digital art“, TRiCKSTR (CH)

2004 sitemapping, swiss goverment for art and culture (BAK), grant instant city (CH)

2004 ACA Media Arts, recognition through the Jury of ACA Media Arts Festival, Tokyo, (JP)

2003 CYNETart Award, recognition in „real time processing“, Hellerau, Dresden,(D)

2003 internationaler/medien/kunst/preis, ZKM + SWR, Nomination, (D)

2003 ars electronica, honorary mention in interactive art, Linz, (AT)

2001 Kunstkredit Basel, winner of the competition for „free art projects“ grant instant city (CH)

(E)Exhibitions , (P)Performance, (L)Lecture, (W)Workshop

2020 (A) Plants & Arts, Botanical Garden Tübingen, Sound Objects & Solarbots

(P) Performance im Sääli, „Räuber“, with Chris Regen, organiced from Dr. Kuckukslabrador at “Goldene Fass”, Basel (CH) sh
(P) „Loveletter“, Performance  at Guyufestival, Xi’an (CN) sh
(P/W) Opening, Paste up and DiY “Vibradrotbot”-Workshop, Basel (CH)
(W) Mini-Makerfair Zürich, “Vibradrotbot”-Workshop and “Kiosk”, Zürich, (CH)
(W) Museum Tinguely „Vibradrotbot“-Workshop, the 20. Birthday of Museum Tinguely, Basel (CH)


(P) The chocolet-island-race, Workshop and Happening, Klybeckstrassenfest, Basel (CH)

(A/P) Going Places, Aller-Retour, “Double Happiness” and “shanzaivodkabar”; group exhibition with the Atelier fellows 2014, Salon Mondial, Basel (CH) sh

(A/P) “China”,  Exhibition, Travelogue and Release of the copy magazine KAP, Kaskadenkondensator, Basel, (CH) sh


(P) Swiss Food and Funny Music, Performance @ Yubogong Vodka Project, Action Space, Heiqiao Village, Chaoyang District Beijing (CN) sh

(P) Gottlieber Revue; with Les Reines Prochaines, Evi Nic und C. und friends, Bohumislav (CH) sh


(E/L) LautLots, an Acoustic Guide through the German Railway Station, Basel (CH)

Interactive Soundwalk, Artistic result of the researchproject of the University of Applied Sciences, FHNW, “Large Scale Indoor Tracking in transitory Rooms”


(A/V) ORGANHAUS, CHONGQING, International Artists Workshop Festival 2012, Chongqing (CN)

(A) KUNSTRAUM RIEHEN, Juxtaposition, Solo-Exhibition with Daniel Göttin, Riehen (CH)

(P) RHEINHAFEN BASEL, Performance, Aktion Autark Klybeck, Basel (CH)


(E, L) SHIFT, festival for electonic art, >>27.10.-30.10.2011<< , Basel (CH)

(E) Master Fine Arts Degree Show, Shedhalle, >>6.6.-19.6.2011<<, Zurich (CH)

(E) Kunsthaus Graz, Roboterträume_2010, V.O.C.A.L. Graz (AT)

(E) Caberet Voltaire, Lumograph-2, Zürich (CH)


(E) Museum Tinguely, Roboterdreams_2010, V.O.C.A.L. Basel (CH)

(E) Cartes Flux 2010, Festival of New Media Art, TRiCKSTR, Helsinki (FIN)

(E) C.A.R., Contemporary Art Ruhr, LUMO_LED, Essen (DE)

(E) Kunsthaus Baselland, Ernte 2010, LUMO_LED, Muttenz (CH)


(L) Roboterträume-Robotik, Symposium, Podium project V.O.C.A.L. Kunsthaus Graz(AT)

(E) e-Arts Beyond, Shanghai Exhibition Center, LUMO_LED, Shanghai (CN)

(E) SHIFT, festival for electonic art, TRiCKSTR, Basel (CH)

(E) Festival ANYMA, Belluard, TRiCKSTR, Fribourg (CH)

(E) Regionale10, [plug_in], LUMO_LED, Basel (CH)


(E) Kunstkredit Basel-Stadt, Kunsthaus Baselland, Muttenz (CH)

(E) Kunstkredit Basel-Stadt, Kunsthaus Baselland, 10_BIT_DATAFLOW, Muttenz (CH)

(L) Guestcorner, FHNW, Workpresentation, TRiCKSTR, Basel (CH)

(L) Dorkbot Swiss, Workpresentation, TRiCKSTR, Zürich (CH)

(P) 20 years Les Reines Prochaines, electric arc, Kaserne, Basel (CH)


(E) Nime at EYEBEAM, instant city, New York (USA)

(E) Museum of Communication, instant city, Bern (CH)

(E) Kunstkredit Basel-Stadt, Kunsthaus Baselland, Schlange, Muttenz (CH)

(E) University for Music Winterthur, instant city, Winterthur (CH)

(E) Galerie Marc de Puechredon, TRiCKSTR, Basel (CH)


(E) Museum Tinguely, instant city, Basel (CH)

(E) Wonder European Science Festival, instant city, Litauen (LT)


(E) NAI – Netherlands Architecture Institute, instant city, Rotterdam (NL)

(E, L) ICMC , International Computer Music Conference, instant city, Barcelona (ES)

(E) Inbound ISO 1496 Festival for Electronic Music, instant city, Rümlingen (CH)

(E, L) Science et Cité, Brain Art Fair, instant city, Basel (CH)

(E) Homemade Labor, Klangtag, instant city, Romainmôtier (CH)

(E) University of Music Basel, instant city, Basel (CH)


(E) Japan Media Arts Festival, ACA Tokyo, instant city, Tokyo (JP)

(E) Ciberart Bilbao 2004 Festival, Computer art and new Technologies“, instant city, Bilbao (ES)

(E) International Festival for Computer Arts, instant city, Maribor (SLO)

(E) CYNETart, international media art festival, instant city, Dresden (D)

(E) Swiss Art Award 2004, Messe Basel, instant city, Basel (CH)

(E) Gare du Nord / Bahnhof für neue Musik, instant city, Basel (CH)

(E) Kunstkredit Basel-Stadt, Kunsthaus Baselland, Schattenflieger, Muttenz (CH)


(E) ars electronica, O.K.Center for Contemporary Art, instant city, Linz (AT)

(E) plug-in, Center for electronic Art, instant city, Basel (CH)

(E) e-culture fair, a technologie and art fair, instant city, Amsterdam (NL)

(E) Swamp, Interaktive Wellness Park, event, lections, installations, instant city, Zürich (CH)

(E) Kunstkredit Basel-Stadt, Kunsthaus Baselland, Lumograph, Muttenz (CH)

(E) Cargo Bar, Lumograph, Basel (CH)


(P) Rote Fabrik, Filmfestival, Light-Performance, Zürich (CH)

(P) Exhibition Space Klingental, Soundperformance, Basel (CH)

(E, P) artists on the road, Intereuropian-Performance-exchange-projekt, (DK, S , FIN, D, CH)


(P) Kunstkredit Basel-Stadt, Kunsthaus Baselland, Soundlounge, Muttenz (CH)

(P) Kunsthalle Basel, race im space, Basel (CH)

(P) Kaskadenkondensator, Sportswomen Inn, Basel (CH)

(P) deep Root, Media Art Festival, Soundlounge, Hull (GB)

(P) Garage, Media Art Festival, Soundlounge, Stralsund( D)

(P) NT-Lounge, Soundlounge, Basel (CH)


(P) Theater am Neumarkt, installative Performance, das Gewächshaus, Zürich (CH)

(P) Centre Swiss Culturelle, installative Performance, Das Gewächshaus, Paris (F)

(P) Theater Roxy, installative Performance, Das Gewächshaus, Basel (CH)

(P) plug-in, installative Performance, Soundlounge, Basel (CH)

(P) Liste, Art Fair, der falsche Eingang, with KLARA Theaterproductions, Basel (CH) dr


(P) Ebene e, Dr. Bison, with KLARA Theaterproductions, Basel (CH)

(P) Viper, Medienfestival, goes remix, Luzern (CH)

(P) Gessnerallee, Die Konsequenz des Wettbewerbs ist die Show, with KLARA, Zürich (CH) dr

(P) Kaserne, Die Konsequenz des Wettbewerbs ist die Show, with KLARA, Basel (CH) dr


(E) KifFF Kunstraum, Palast Light-Sound Installation with Les Reines Prochaines, Aarau (CH) sh

(P) Rom,Treten Sie ein, Herr Sommer Performance with Muda Mathis und Sus Zwick, Rom (I) sh

(P) Lodge, Kongresszentrum, with the Art Collective @ Home, Davos (CH) dr

(P) Kiosk AG, 1000 Chancen, with KLARA Theaterproductions, Basel (CH) dr


(P) Gessnerallee, A Poet who is also an Orangutan, with KLARA Theaterproductions, Zürich (CH) dr

(P) Kaserne, A Poet who is also an Orangutan, with KLARA Theaterproductions, Basel (CH) dr

(P) Theater Basel, Heimatfern, with the Dance-Theater, Basel (CH) dr

(E) Kaskadenkondensator,The Plot, Soundinstallation with Muda Mathis, Basel (CH) sh


(P) Music Festival, Little Umbrellas, Mix Media Performance, Rorschach (CH) dr

(P)Auftritt für zwei Schlagzeuge, Performance by Esther Hiepler, with Eva Widman, Basel, Genf, Solothurn, Vevey, Dessau (CH, D) sh


(P) Steirischer Herbst (E) Im Zoo, Performance with Les Reines Prochaines, Graz (AT) sh


(P) Heute Bräute,a fantastic open-air performance show, Sommer-Tour Schweiz (CH)

Sibylle Hauert, Konzertprogramme/Tourneen und CDs mit «Les Reines Prochaines»

Alberta (& CD) 1998

Sandale Haus Pfirsich Brot, Hörspielperformance 1997

Les Reines Prochaines entwickeln sich 1996

le coeur en beurre (& CD) 1995/96

Les Reines Prochaines wollen ihre Welt vergrössern 1994


1999 Musik zum Kurzfilm «Hartes Brot» von Nathalie Percillier, Berlin

1997 Musik für die Videoinstallation «Sissy» von Judith Adam, Hamburg

1996 Musik zum Kurzfilm: «Heldinnen der Liebe» von Nathalie Percillier und Lilly Besilly, Berlin