Lumograph – Generator for ornamental-algorithmically driven light-images
Generative Installation, 2003
by Sibylle Hauert and Daniel Reichmuth in collaboration with Volker Böhm

The lumograph consists of four illuminable light images, a computer and steering software. Each individual light image contains 4 x 4, i.e., 16 light fields, as well as the steering electronics, thereby providing a total of 64 light fields that can each be individually steered.
The composition with the 4 light images can be put together to accommodate the surroundings or, as we prefer to combine them; as four individual images, but also as a large one.

Even though each light image is limited to 16 „pixels“, still an enormous number of possibilities of combinations of quick-to-read images are produced for the eye. Accelerated by the factors of time and rhythm, thereby the most differing sequences are created to be perceived as a play between image and movement.

Programmed algorithms flow over the lighted surfaces. Various generators of random are available to us as creative means, as well as the possibility to run short or long image sequences, i.e., small „films.“ The appeal of this light image creation lies in the combination of these two possibilities. Pre-determined courses of movement are deflected and made strange through the random generators and are continuously transferred into new, surprising sequences of images making static images suddenly become alive before they take their usual position.

Our interest lies in the search for new means of composition that go beyond pure pre-deterministically designed sequences without, however, seeming to be arbitrary.

Software-developement by Volker Boehm