soundlounge – kautsch coaching
Performative Installation 2000

by Sibylle Hauert and Daniel Reichmuth in collaboration with Volker Böhm

“soundlounge” means a performance as well as a living picture enabling a member of the audience to enter. Two soundpilots will invite one guest each onto a flying sofa that has been hung into a room and will lead him/her to virtual worlds, the journey taking about 15 minutes. Preferably, this performance ought to take place at an event such as a festival, an exhibition, a party (chill-out area), etc.

«The art of couch coaching means to seduce a person in public to open himself/herself to an intimate experience. His/her mind will be enraptured in order for him/her to lose control over himself/herself -just a little bit though. This is catching!» Statement Lisa Rosen

«The futuristic design of the soundlounge and the used low-tech tools induce something that reaches beyond logical understanding. This lack of understanding about what is real and what is not can only be resolved by taking a journey into any affair’s cyberspace.» Statement Boes Spademan.

The soundlounge consists of a 3-seat sofa that hangs from one point in a room. With this suspension the sofa may be turned, swung or tilted. All three seats are equipped with a headset each (microphone and head phones). On the left and right hand sides there are remote controls (interface) of the sound equipment (computer) as well as several tools for entertainment.

Software-developement by Volker Boehm